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80 Shumiration
You are locked in a room and you try to escape from the room by finding items and solving puzzles.To start playing this game firstly click right link
8b Forest House Escape
You are looking for some adventure and decided to go for trekking alone to forest. But you are gone misguided and trapped in the forest. No one is the
A Bonte Escape
A Bonte Escape, developed by Bart Bonte, is a point and click room escape game. You found yourself dropped in a strange room. Are you smart enough to
A Day in the Life of Mello
A Day in the Life of Mello is a new point and click type adventure game by AN-Pseudonym. Investigate everything. Not all paths are instantly visible.
A Way To Escape From Hell
Players are kindly requested to note each and everything that you see on the screen.Every hints are used at a point.This game helps to improve your me
A Wizard's Journey Day 3
The wizard is well on his way to find the land of faeries. Help him make his way to meet the troll king, who should be able to help! Play A Wizard's J
Aard Cave House Escape
Aard Cave House Escape, sponsored by Girls the Games, is a new escape game. You are trapped in this strange cave. Use your point and click skills to f
Abacus Escape
You are trapped in a room and you have to search around to find some clues and solve puzzles to escape the room. Play Abacus Escape and other Escape t
While on another paranormal investigation, nothing seemed to be happening. Temperatures seemed to fluctuate a little more than usual but nothing too e
Abandoned Ancient Barn Escape
On this summer vacation, you want to visit uncle's barn, but when he got there you were surprised because it seems neglected for years, you're even mo
Abandoned Ancient Castle Escape
You are trapped in a castle, you forget what happened before, as you remember, you know that you're playing a dangerous game, which makes you get caug
Abandoned Ancient Cottage Escape
A traveller want to stay at an old cottage is haunted, he wants to know more about the story cottages, and this time she came, and she was stuck and t
Abandoned Ancient Museum Escape
You want to visit a ancient museum filled with antique objects. When looking around you feel a strange sensation, once you get stuck in the museum and
Abandoned Army Jet Escape
In this game, you came to visit abandoned army jet for your research. Later you came to know that you missed the way out from that abandoned army jet.
Abandoned Barbaric House Escape
In this game, you came to visit a abandoned barbaric house. But unfortunately the door is locked from outside of the abandoned barbaric house. No one
Abandoned Barn Escape 2
An old man is trapped in this abandoned barn. He needs your help to escape from there. Have pity on the old man and rescue him from the barn by intera
Abandoned Building Escape
In this escape game, assume that someone locked you up in this abandoned building. You are stuck inside the building for hours. At last, you have deci
Abandoned Cafe Escape
Time to hang out with friends, You decide to do it in a cafe, but this is no ordinary cafe, this is a cafe that had long been abandoned. Find out the
Abandoned Castle Escape
Assume that you are trapped inside an abandoned castle and the abandoned castle looks like a very old one. The Abandoned castle has many portions, so
Abandoned Castle Escape 2
In which one night you were walking home from your workplace. In your way you passed near a abandoned castle, which is known to be haunted and everybo
Abandoned Cave Garden Escape
When you want to do some digging mines, you come across a gap, the gap with beautiful cave like a garden inside. You go into it and lost, this is time
Abandoned Citadel Escape
Deliver skills from one place to the other to solving the amazing puzzles here. Try to escape from here. If have to solve the puzzles as fast as possi
Abandoned City Escape
In this game you came out for a trip inside a abandoned city. But unfortunately you missed the way out. No one is there to help you out. You have to e
Abandoned Classroom Escape
Time to learn in an old abandoned school, reopen the book in chapter 9 in classroom number one to seven, there are pieces of the puzzle that must be s
Abandoned College Escape
This is your second year in college, you're excited to pursue this semester and finish it as quickly as possible, but that all changed since the arriv
Abandoned Cottage Escape
In this game, you have to find a precious necklace. You were exploring the countryside and got lost. After several days alone, you finally found an ab
Abandoned Country Villa Escape
This villa is located at countryside with wonderful scenery and it has been abandoned for a long time. You will have to find a way to get into the vil
Abandoned Country Villa Escape 10
In this part, you have a lot more puzzles to be solved and many things to find out to advance further in this series. Are you ready for the escape gam