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Abandoned Dark Room Escape Game
You came to see your old mansion rooms after some long years, you spent some time there and decide to move home. But the door of the abandoned rooms i
Abandoned Dorm Escape
During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Abandoned Dorm. There are some clues , puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve
Abandoned Dreadful Hospital Escape
In this game, you have stuck into the dreadful hospital. Use your talent skill escape from the hospital. Play Abandoned Dreadful Hospital Escape and o
Abandoned Everywhere Escape
There are various locations that have been abandoned by its inhabitants, ranging from houses, parks, hospitals, warehouses, offices, underground tunne
Abandoned Factories Street Escape
In this game, you came to visit abandoned factories in a street. Later you came to know that you missed the way out from that abandoned factories stre
Abandoned Factory Escape 10
You are stuck inside an abandoned factory. You should escape from the factory on your own by finding the key to the door. Collect objects and relate t
Abandoned Factory Escape 4
You are locked inside an abandoned factory and you are all alone in it. You can escape from it if you give a try. Just solve the puzzles by interactin
Abandoned Factory Escape 8
In this escape game, assume that you are stuck inside an abandoned factory. You are not able to escape from the factory as the door is locked and you
Abandoned Factory Escape 9
In this escape game, assume that an employee got locked up in a room in the abandoned factory. He needs your help to escape from the room. Try to help
Abandoned Fantasy Place Escape
You read too many fantasy books, watching a lot of fantasy movies, and playing fantasy games every day, so that in your minds are always on fantasies,
Abandoned Flower Garden Escape
When a botanical expert find ways to be able to find a potent concoction of rare flowers, he was forced to find a way out of all the mysteries were ma
Abandoned Forest Escape
You are looking for some Adventure and decided to go for trekking alone in the nearby forest. But you are gone misguided to this isolated abandoned fo
Abandoned Forest Train Route Escape
In this game, you came to visit the abandoned forest train route. But unfortunately you are trapped inside this abandoned forest train route. No one i
Abandoned Forest Treasure Escape
In this escape game, assume that you are a treasure hunter and you are in this forest in search of a treasure box which has been abandoned and lying s
Abandoned Forest Villa Escape
You like to visit abandoned place and you took pictures of the abandoned places. You like to collect pictures of abandoned places and today you found
Abandoned Ghost Villa Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the Abandoned ghost villa where you have been locked. Assume that one day you went to the house of ghost but
Abandoned Grand Staircase House Escape
A man trapped inside the abandoned grand staircase house.There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzl
Abandoned Graveyard Escape
You are trapped in a big abandoned graveyard. There are 3 ghosts to block your way. Destroy the ghost by finding useful objects from the dangerous aba
Abandoned Guest House Escape
As a budget traveler, you certainly are looking for a cheap accommodation in order to enjoy the atmosphere. Then you start looking around the lodge an
Abandoned Halloween Escape
Halloween will arrive in a few days, but you are feel the sensation at this moment, when all the decorations in the house becomes an abandoned since h
Abandoned High Royds Hospital Escape
During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside the abandoned high royds hospital. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those object
Abandoned Homestead Escape
In this escape game, assume that someone is trapped in this abandoned homestead. He has been tied to a tree. You must untie him from the tree that he
Abandoned Horse Stable Escape
A farmer has a yard where the horses gathered, but the events of the day it really surprised and he lost his horses and leaving some puzzles he must s
Abandoned Hospital RED
Abandoned Hospital R.E.D. is a point and click new escape game developed by Games 2 Rule. In this free game you are caught inside an abandoned hospita
Abandoned Hostel Escape
You were on holiday with some friends from school. You were heading to a small town to go swimming. The next thing you know, you are all alone! You fo
Abandoned House Abducted Boy Escape
In this escape game, assume that a boy has been abducted and confined in a room in this abandoned house. You are on mission to rescue the boy and free
Abandoned House Abducted Girl
A girl has been abducted and put in an abandoned house. You must help the girl escape from the abandoned house by breaking the chain with which has be
Abandoned House Escape
On a rainy day, a family traveling gets stuck due to heavy rain as there was no visibility on the road. They see a house and plan to stay there for th
Abandoned House Escape 2
Assume that you are trapped inside a very old house. This old house is very huge and has many rooms. As the old the house is damaged and so no one is
Abandoned House Escape 3
Assume that you are trapped inside an old house and as this house are actually abandoned; you can seek any help and so you have to escape yourself. As