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Abandoned House Abducted Girl
A girl has been abducted and put in an abandoned house. You must help the girl escape from the abandoned house by breaking the chain with which has be
Abandoned House Escape
On a rainy day, a family traveling gets stuck due to heavy rain as there was no visibility on the road. They see a house and plan to stay there for th
Abandoned House Escape 2
Assume that you are trapped inside a very old house. This old house is very huge and has many rooms. As the old the house is damaged and so no one is
Abandoned House Escape 3
Assume that you are trapped inside an old house and as this house are actually abandoned; you can seek any help and so you have to escape yourself. As
Abandoned Humble Room Escape
Assume that you have been kidnapped and locked inside a Humble Room. As the palace is huge and abandoned and so the kidnapper left you alone inside th
Abandoned Institute Escape
During his foreign trip, an old student trapped inside Abandoned Institute. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hin
Abandoned Island Easter Bunny Escape
In this game, you came to visit the Abandoned Island. But unfortunately you came to know a bunny is trapped inside this Abandoned Island. No one is th
Abandoned Island Survival Escape
In this escape game, a person has been abandoned on an island. He has to survive on the island until he gets the help to escape from the island. Look
Abandoned Kids Day Care Escape
In this game, you came to visit an abandoned kids day care. After spending few minutes to came to know that you are trapped this abandoned kids day ca
Abandoned Kids Park Escape
Your child wants to play to the playground, he invites you to participate, but when you get there, that playground seems to have been abandoned and yo
Abandoned Library Escape
During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside tan abandoned library. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints,
Abandoned Locked Prison Escape
This an abandoned prison which is no longer in use. You been abducted and locked up in this prison. You are all alone in the prison and your captors h
Abandoned Mansion
After a night out with your friends, you woke up inside this abandoned mansion. Your friends must have taken your phone. Now, you will have to figure
Abandoned Medieval Palace Escape
Assume that you happened to be in a medieval palace which has been abandoned for decades. You are completely trapped in the palace and you are doing e
Abandoned Military Chamber Escape
You are locked in an abandoned military chamber and you try to escape the chamber by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you able to escape from ch
Abandoned Mill Escape
In this game, you came to see the abandoned mill. But after few minites you came to know that you are trapped inside this abandoned mill. You need to
Abandoned Mine Escape
You along with your friends sneaked through an abandoned mine. You found that your friends disappeared. You felt that you were trapped there. Now it i
Abandoned Mining Town Escape
Assume that you are lost in an abandoned mining town. You must escape from the mining town with the available means. Go around the mining town and gat
Abandoned Murphy Machinery Escape
During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside abandoned murphy machinery. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and h
Abandoned Music Studio Escape
Your favorite band hold an open practice before the big concert and you as one of the biggest fans want to see them, but when you come to their music
Abandoned Mystery Rooms Escape
Dream up situation you are visit to abandoned mystery room with your friends. Your friends went to home after closing the mystery room without noticin
Abandoned Northeast Warehouse Escape
The story of this game is to escape from the northeast warehouse. Imagine a situation, you are visit to northeast warehouse. Unfortunately, the northe
Abandoned Oasis Escape
You get lost in the desert, and your drink supplies running low, then you see an oasis in the desert, unfortunately this oasis seems not maintained, y
Abandoned Old Apartment Escape
You are trapped in your own apartment, you try to stick with the existing food supply, but it is dwindling and you have to find another way out or you
Abandoned Orthodox Church Escape
In this escape game, assume that you are visiting an abandoned orthodox church. Your purpose of the visit is to find the holy bible that is kept in a
Abandoned Park House Escape
You are very fond of the park house from your childhood and you came to know about the abandoned park house in your village. Without anybody knowledge
Abandoned Place - Car Escape
A group of friends plan to enjoy the week end in the nearby town. So,the day before they started to walk through the forest to reach the town.On the w
Abandoned Place 4 Escape
Assume that you went to some Abandoned Places on a fine evening. As the Abandoned Places is very beautiful and vast, you lost your way and got trapped
Abandoned Port Escape
The port will soon be closed forever, but you can not accept it because it must be crossed to a nearby island to visit relatives you, you do not want
Abandoned Power Plant Escape
In this escape game someone trapped you inside a abandoned power plant. There is no one to help you out. You have to escape from there by finding usef